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Shinelong Automotive Lightweight Application Limited was incorporated in the Cayman Islands under the Cayman Companies Law on 2 October 2018. Our company is an investment holding company.


Shinelong Intellectual Manufacture Precision Applied Materials (Suzhou) Company Limited.
A manufacturer of medium and large injection moulds, hot-pressing moulds and hydroforming moulds.

We are a developer and major supplier of customised moulds in the PRC. 

Our equipment includes 46 sets of CNC machines (DMG, Welle, among others), and injection machines.

In the future, we will introduce more advanced mould design and development technology to improve the overall quality and lifetime of the mould.

In order to keep up with the level of development with the international mould industry, we have introduced and will continue to purchase more equipment, develop more technology and recruit more talent. In cooperation with many well-known domestic and international companies, sales have increased steadily every year during FY2016 – FY2018.     

We have many years of experience in the mould industry. We know the importance of moulds in the mass production process. The mould is the “mother of industry”. Only the stability of the mould can be guaranteed so that it will not be affected during the mass production process.

Contact: Mr.Zhang   Tel: 0512-36620512   Email: sales@shinlone.com.cn